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Now the question we must ask is why are we able to reopen schools?

When the first cases broke out, shutting down schools was the best way to protect everyone. The answer is not because the risk has disappeared but that we have developed ways to mitigate the risk. There is not one single product to create a safer environment, but there are processes we can implement, which can be learned about in our infection control certification program, which you can learn more about by clicking on COVID-19 drop down menu and selecting the "Infection Control Certification" page.

In light of COVID-19 we have prepared a catalog of our items aimed towards specifically preventing, controlling, and eliminating areas infected by COVID-19. The catalog is compiled of seven different product lines - dry wipes, wipes, PPE, gloves, equipment, and sprayers.


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Hygiene Education

Covers the basics of COVID-19 - what you need to know know, how to stop the spread of infection, proper hand-washing, recommendations, etc..


Highlights various mask policies as well as covering the do's and dont's when it comes to wearing a mask.

Illinois Reopening Guide

Details a few of Illinois' guidelines including their restoration plan.

Wisconsin Reopening Guidance

Wisconsin's cafeteria and food service guide, transportation guide, and school reopening can be found here.