30-Desk Classroom Disinfecting Percent Comparison

Take a look at how much of a 30-desk classroom the Pike1000 can clean in a minute, compared to other cleaning alternatives.

Increased Productivity
Increased Efficiency
Reduced Expenses

Welcome to a new era of disinfectant cleaning

Pike Systems would like to introduce you to the best disinfectant sprayer on the market. The Pike1000 is brought to
you just about as simple and easy-to-use as a sprayer could be, being battery powered and cord-free.


After conducting our own trial runs we concluded that the Pike1000 can cover 1000 square feet per minute - that's 20,000 square feet per charge!


Compare our price to competitors, you will find similar sprayers that cost much more and aren't even cordless or battery-powered.


The Pike1000 sprayer is the first of its kind to be cord-free. By being battery powered the Pike1000 allows you to simply carry it with you seamlessly from room to room hassle free!


This disinfectant sprayer comes with three different spray patterns. Not only does it offer a variety of spray pattern options but when used properly the Pike1000 guarantees no over-spray and 20 minutes worth of continuous spray.

The ideal balance of efficiency and cleaning performance

Easy to use, a sleek design and consistent area coverage that will guarantee you a whole new level of cleanliness.

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